Mr Marshall Ooi

Don’t go with my size. I may look too big and strong by fleshly appearance but my heart is like kids. Simple living and high thinking is my way of living. Offers, Deals, Sales, Marketing, I phone, Cartoons & Videos (some) are few topics which revolve around me. I am foodie and can eat anything. And due to this doggy eating habits sometime my stomach gets upset but I don’t mind. By blessings of my elders I am a respectful businessman of my town Singapura. Being a workaholic I don’t mind working 8 days in a week.

Nam Ho is in my blood and I am ready to accept that I can go to any extent to make this brand visible on global platform. Making new friends cum business partners are something I look forward and believe that I am still young enough to take some bold decisions.

My close friends know some secret of me hence I keep them happy always. Let us change the topic as I have other stuffs to do….:)



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