Mr Mahesh Pawanaskar

With my past global nomadic life I am a friendly animal. Managing tours and guests are in my blood now. I don’t believe in work discrimination hence pay full attentions to all my work. Quick adaptation is my strength and now don’t mind taking new challenges in my life. My colleagues are my family and they don’t hesitate to discuss smallest matter with me. I am very close to Lord Ganesh and believe me I am not talking about my belly now. Mumbai to Singapore was an exciting journey and residing in Singapore with the aim to move further to the south hemisphere .

Was preached business is all about 3 P's - Process...Profit and People but trusted my gut that life and business is all about the 3 P's - People ....People....People. Good People make good processes and bring in great prosperity for the clan .

Am inspired by the famous dialogue from the movie Apollo 13 , FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION !!!

With heavy designation comes heavier responsibilities. Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind !



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